5 Curation Apps With a Wow! Factor

Just Story It curates content on storytelling

How can you use content curation in real life? Today I’ll show you 5 examples of tools and content to curate to inspire you in your marketing. 1. An educational B2B magazine on Scoop.it: Just Story It Just Story It is curated by Karen Dietz, a storytelling specialist. Karen collates the best articles from across the web on […]

Curation and Content Marketing [part 2]

Curation in content marketing

In part 1 of my introductory guide I gave an overview of content curation and how to go about it. Today I’ll focus on some easy-to-use free tools. First thing to say is that there are more tools than you can imagine and new ones are appearing every day. Do not get overwhelmed by the choice. […]

Curation and Content Marketing [part 1]

Robin Good's magazines on Scoop.it

Content curation is taking off among marketers, says a recent article in Forbes. It’s easy to see why when you look at the explosion of content on the Internet. Every day – 27 million pieces of online content are shared 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook (MBAOnline.com) 864,000 videos are added to YouTube (MBAOnline.com) […]