Do You Have a Content Gap?

Generate valuable content

If you’re a marketing and communications agency, how confident are you that your own online marketing is top notch? A new piece of research by Hinge Marketing shows that some marketing and communications firms are not necessarily marketing themselves as well as they could be to generate qualified leads and increase profitability. Hinge surveyed 500 firms, of which 80 […]

Simple Tips to Improve Your Website Text

Content Works: Simple tips to improve web text

Are you worried about your website text? Are you afraid of grammar errors and sentences that don’t make sense? I can understand if you are. Professional online copywriters worry about what they’ve written. People who aren’t pros and have to write website text worry more. And people who aren’t pros, and have to write online […]

Consultant? You need a business blog

Woman blogger

Are you a freelance, consultant or small business looking to connect with more potential clients? If so, have you thought of starting a blog? The question comes to mind because this week I was with a freelance friend who is part of a loose network of consultants involved in writing, editing, translating and teaching. They’ve […]