Google+ Business Pages: the Company Accelerator

Google+ Business Pages: Amplify Your BusinessWhat can a Google+ Business Page do for your small or medium-sized company?

Last week Des Walsh explained why small or medium businesses need a LinkedIn company page in LinkedIn Company Pages: Your Secret Weapon. 

Maybe your target customer or client isn’t on LinkedIn, but could be on Google+.

So I asked Danielle Sanford, Client Services Manager of gShift Labs, why it’s worth the effort of setting up a Google+ Business Page, and how to make sure it’s optimised. (gShift provides SEO software for agencies and marketers.) Continue reading

LinkedIn Company Pages: Your Secret Weapon

5 reasons for a LinkedIn company pageDo you need a LinkedIn company page for your business? Or will a personal profile do?

Being a freelance writer, editor and content person who has to be visible to be employed, I had spent a chunk of time on my LinkedIn profile, but never bothered with a company page. Then I joined the 30 Day Linking Blitz (#30dlb) on LinkedIn and heard people talking about the advantages.

But where to start? What to put on it? How to get people to it? How much work to put into it?  Continue reading

Marketing and Communications Agencies: Do You Have a Content Gap? [Research]

If you’re a marketing and communications agency, how confident are you that your own online marketing is top notch?

A new piece of research by Hinge Marketing shows that some marketing and communications firms are not necessarily marketing themselves as well as they could be to generate qualified leads and increase profitability.

Hinge surveyed 500 firms, of which 80 were marketing and communications agencies with on average 15 employees and an annual revenue of just under $3m.

They compared the performance of marketing and communications firms with all professional services firms.

Marketing and communications firms came out top for generating leads online, a characteristic of firms that grow faster and are more profitable.

But, surprisingly, some of the marketing and communications firms did not grow as fast as other professional services firms. And they were just below average for profitability.  Continue reading