Words Can Move Your Users To Action

Changing a few small words on your website can have a big impact in increasing sign-ups and conversions. Headlines, buttons, registration forms, the reading order of copy and other elements can be tweaked and tested to get more actions from your users. I’ve covered lots of tips and ideas in my latest post on Linked […]

The Power of Visual Recording

Visual recording, Sarah Clark

Communication is becoming more and more visual, and mostly that means more digital. Sarah Clark is passionate about the lower-tech trend for visualisation known as visual recording — with coloured pens, chalk and a large roll of paper rather than the latest web tools (for now). Consultant, facilitator, trainer, founder of Clear Thinking — Clear […]

Google+: Your Company Accelerator

Google+ Business Pages: Amplify Your Business

What can a Google+ Business Page do for your small or medium-sized company? Last week Des Walsh explained why small or medium businesses need a LinkedIn company page in LinkedIn Company Pages: Your Secret Weapon.  Maybe your target customer or client isn’t on LinkedIn, but could be on Google+. So I asked Danielle Sanford, Client Services Manager […]

LinkedIn Pages: Your Secret Weapon

Des Walsh - LinkedIn company page

Do you need a LinkedIn company page for your business? Or will a personal profile do? Being a freelance writer, editor and content person who has to be visible to be employed, I had spent a chunk of time on my LinkedIn profile, but never bothered with a company page. Then I joined the 30 […]