Google+ Business Pages: the Company Accelerator

Google+ Business Pages: Amplify Your BusinessWhat can a Google+ Business Page do for your small or medium-sized company?

Last week Des Walsh explained why small or medium businesses need a LinkedIn company page in LinkedIn Company Pages: Your Secret Weapon. 

Maybe your target customer or client isn’t on LinkedIn, but could be on Google+.

So I asked Danielle Sanford, Client Services Manager of gShift Labs, why it’s worth the effort of setting up a Google+ Business Page, and how to make sure it’s optimised. (gShift provides SEO software for agencies and marketers.)Continue Reading

LinkedIn Company Pages: Your Secret Weapon

Do you need a LinkedIn company page for your business? Or will a personal profile do? Being a freelance writer, editor and content person who has to be visible to be employed, I had spent a chunk of time on my LinkedIn profile, but never bothered with a company page. Then I joined the 30 […]

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Content Strategy: How Europe Sees It

Content strategy is catching on as a discipline in Europe. But it hasn’t yet become a standalone job in most cases. It seems that either it is the responsibility of an existing webmaster, copywriter or project manager – or it’s done through some kind of collaborative process. That’s the picture painted by new research by Firehead, a […]

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Is Google+ For You? [Book Review - What the Plus! by Guy Kawasaki]

Have you set up your Google+ profile and business pages yet? If not – it’s time. Neal Schaffer said recently that G+ has an active and passionate community yet most businesses and professionals that he meets have stayed away. But why? G+ has a lot going for it. Numerous experts have highlighted the SEO value and […]

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